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Wife being used for political ends, says Somnath Bharti

Wife being used for political ends, says Somnath Bharti
Bharti also surrendered before police to join the investigation in a case of domestic violence registered against him by his wife Lipika Mitra and said that he was ready to cooperate with the police.

On Tuesday night, accompanied by his labrador, Bharti, showed up at a police station in South-west Delhi to refute allegations that he is dodging a criminal inquiry. 

However, Bharti and his dog were sent back home by police officials who said that the investigating officer was not present at the moment.

In an interview Bharti said: “All charges are false. I will prove it. I love my wife,” proclaiming that Lipika Mitra “is being used for political reasons” to embarrass him.

However, Lipika seems to be in no mood of reconciliation. “What I feel is that if this time I reconcile, you will see my dead body coming out of his home. Whatever I’m doing is for the welfare of my children. I’m not going to reconcile,” Mitra said.

Her sudden filing of an FIR and joining hands with the former DCW chief, Barkha Singh for support, has also raised eyebrows as the couple have been separated for over five years now. According to Bharti, Lipika is being “misused” by political parties to tarnish his image, and that the rival parties are taking advantage of her “gullibility”.

He also accused the Delhi Police of working at the Centre’s “behest” saying it is not “responding” to his offer of joining <g data-gr-id="81">investigation</g> and wanted to “torture” him in custody instead.

He refuted the charges against him saying he was ready with a point-by-point rebuttal based on solid <g data-gr-id="79">evidences</g>.

BJP leader Kiran Bedi in a tweet said: “Somnath Bharti is apparently defending d indefensible.There appears to b substantial/independent evidence against him of cruelty on his wife” pointing out a rush to reach a conclusion before any court of law takes a decision. Shazia Ilmi, who left AAP and joined hands with the BJP, in regard to the case said: You are delusional, you are paranoid; your defence doesn’t add up”.

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