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Why this haste to privatise airports?

The government has begun to take hasty decisions about the economy which may not be in its best interests. The issue of the privatisation of airports has not been properly debated and there have been no discussions in Parliament, yet the government seems to have made up its mind on the issue. Hurriedly run through, there is absolutely no consensus on the issue in the country. Many political parties have not given their views on the privatisation of the major international airports and the public has not been fully informed about the possible ramifications of this move. The government has given no cogent reason for the privatisation of the airports and remains shrouded in mystery. There is a lack of clear-cut understanding whether airports should be privatised in the first place. In fact, this thinking has been violated by this government already, which has previously privatised some airports. All these decisions have been taken hastily without the public being informed.  At that time as well, the government had given no reason for the privatisation of airports. Several private companies will benefit if the privatisation of airports goes through. However, the UPA does not have a good track record when it comes to such dealings. 

 There have been several scams in government in which private companies have been involved. There are accusations of corruption against many ministers of this government. Many of these are yet to be probed. The ministers still continue to be in positions of power. The scams are a good reason why this government should not go ahead with privatisation. There has been large-scale corruption in the selection of companies by this government. These have been chosen on considerations other than what should be. The scams must be probed. These corrupt individuals must be probed. Those tainted by corruption cannot be ministers in government. They must not decide on corruption.  Just a few months ago the government spent several crores on these airports. These are public funds. These funds should be used be used for the modernisation of airports which the government has not done properly so far. The elections are not far away. And the move to  privatise airports looks at best a reckless decision at this sensitive juncture.
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