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Why the impunity?

The dismissal of Mizoram governor Kamla Beniwal might have kicked up a hornet’s nest of accusations and counteraccusations, but in reality it is a well taken move by the union government aimed at curbing indiscretions and misuse of the hallowed post. A number of investigative reports have linked Beniwal to a slew of corrupt practices, including unauthorised air travel at the expense of public exchequer, land scam worth Rs 1,000 crore, interfering in the selection process of vice chancellors of state universities when she was governor of Gujarat, among others. Beniwal’s alleged involvement in fraudulent activities has tainted her record enough to merit dismissal, even though she has had an illustrious and long innings as a woman politician in the country.

However, that cannot be the ground to overlook the discrepancy that have been exposed, and which merit a thorough and immediate probe, court-monitored if required. That Beniwal has a history of being at loggerheads with the current prime minister, particularly when he was the Gujarat CM, has very little to do with the action prompted against the veteran, even though the Congress-led opposition is screaming hoarse crying ‘political vendetta.’

In fact, Beniwal happens to be just one among a series of UPA appointees who are under scanner now for their alleged involvement in humongous scams and meddling in affairs not directly under their jurisdiction. Much like former Goa governor BV Wanchoo, whose alleged connections with the AgustaWestland chopper scam compelled him to resign, fates of several governors, who acted like stooges of the former UPA regime in their respective states, now hang in balance. More than extracting revenge, this is really about how the cookie crumbles. For long, the post of governor has been abused to the hilt, attached to the apron strings of various central governments, and severely compromising the truly federal makeup of our legislature. Centre-state relations hinge on a partnership based on trust and transparency, and not electoral opportunism or politics of grants. No government position should be cocooned in impenetrable impunity.        
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