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Why him?

Why  him?

My grandmother misbehaves with my mother. I lost my father last year and I’m only in class VII. What should I do?
Raghu, Noida

I understand how difficult it is for your mother and you but all you can do is support her with all you can. Be a good son. Concentrate on your studies and be focussed about your future. The only way you can make your mother happy is by making a good career for yourself. It will not be easy but if there’s no option now, patience would be a tool. Love her, be her friend and in every possible way make her life better. She needs you more than anything now.

I fell in love with the wrong guy who never loved me. How do I forget him?
Jyotika, New Delhi

If you already know he was the ‘wrong guy’, half of your problem is solved. We often fall for people who would never value us. The right guy will make you feel loved and important. Just be strong and move on. Tame the mind and control your heart. Love that hurts will never build you. May you find the right one soon. 

My son was caught stealing my gold chain last week and we are very disturbed. He’s in college. Please help!
Name unknown

Do have an open chat with him to understand why he was doing that. Often parents in the pursuit to make disciplined and obedient children fail to become a friend. There could be reasons that have to be understood. Do not be rough or rude. 

 Do not humiliate him, discuss it with people or make him feel like a criminal. Seek help from someone your son trusts. The person might help throw light by conversing with him. If need be, seek professional help. May be he needs counselling and consultation. Do not waste time. Act wise and react wisely too.

I met a girl in a pub. She is very attractive and we do stay in touch. Is it ok to continue this way? I come from a very conservative family. I’m puzzled.
T Khemka, New Delhi

There is absolutely no harm staying in  touch with someone you want to be in touch with. I don’t know why you are puzzled. Life is a long journey and we will cross paths with people who will leave an impression. 

Be happy and do what makes you happier. Shine on.

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