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‘Why don’t you resign?’ BJP slams Kejriwal over chikungunya deaths

Taking on the AAP government, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said at a time when Delhi was reeling due to the spread of vector-borne diseases, CM Kejriwal was busy blaming the Prime Minister and lieutenant governor over the deaths.

Two more chikungunya deaths were reported on Tuesday at a city hospital, taking to three the number of fatalities due to the vector-borne disease in Delhi where the number of cases have mounted to over 1,000 this season.

Patra accused Kejriwal of continuing to enjoy all benefits as chief minister while completely ignoring people’s questions on the chikungunya, dengue and malaria crisis, accusing him and his ministers of campaigning in the country and travelling abroad on public money.

“It is a very sorry state of affairs that Arvind Kejriwal who is the chief minister of Delhi refuses to answer pertinent question regarding the health of the capital of this country. Delhi is reeling under vector-borne diseases -- chikungunya, dengue and malaria. Kejriwal government is missing....

“If you do not have the capacity to even buy a piece of pen as you are suggesting, why don’t you resign. If you say that you have no role as the chief minister of Delhi, why the paraphernalia of a chief minister’s office, ministers and crores of rupees being spent on MLAs and chief minister. The issue is resign,” he said.

Patra said when some questions are being put in front of Kejriwal, he not only shuns these questions but he gives out a statement on Twitter, saying that “don’t question me, question the Prime Minister”.

“You are not resigning, but you are not answering the question that though you are saying that you cannot spent Rs 10 but you have spent Rs one crore on samosas and tea.

“You are spending Rs 526 crore for your advertisements. Most of your ministers are either on foreign destinations or destinations other than Delhi today. Whose money is it that they are spending? You have to answer these pertinent questions,” he said.

The BJP leader said he has been elected by the people of Delhi for governance and “you cannot run away, you cannot shun your duty”.

Kejriwal earlier tweeted: “CM and ministers left with no power now, even to buy a pen. LG and PM enjoy all powers with respect to Delhi. LG abroad. Question them for Delhi.”
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