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Why do model employees tend to give up?

Model employees committed to their organisation are willing to go the extra mile to see it thrive but can give up if they sense that they're being asked to do more and more, and with fewer resources, while comparatively little is being asked of their less-engaged colleagues,' a new study says.

Wayne Hochwarter, a professor of business administration at the Florida State University College of Business, surveyed 1,000 people, in both blue-and white-collar occupations, to gain a clearer picture of the concept of employee engagement, its benefits for the employer, and its possible dangers when not managed well.

'Engaged employees work harder, are more creative and more committed, and they represent an important predictor of company productivity,' he said, according to a Florida statement.

'Unquestionably, organisations with engaged workers have weathered recessionary pressures more successfully,' Hochwarter added.

Hochwarter found that engaged employees reported: A 50 percent higher rate of job satisfaction; a 45 percent higher rate of job performance; a 40 percent higher rate of life satisfaction; a 33 percent lower rate of turnover intention
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