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Why ACB entertains complaints from corrupt, asks Maliwal

Maliwal said she had got an ACB notice and “will cooperate fully” when its investigators visit her on Monday. But she said it was strange that despite her giving documents to ACB showing no irregularity in DCW, it entertained complaints from former DCW chief Barkha Shukla Singh and a man accused of molestation. 

“I followed due procedures in place for DCW appointments for 20 years. Appointed  qualified and hardworking people who even work on Saturdays,” she tweeted.

“I wonder why ACB doesn’t question ex-DCW chief (for) appointing IAS, IPS officers’ wives in DCW without (placing) advertisements.  “Why police doesn’t arrest molestation accused?” She said her predecessor did one case in nine years while she had issued 3,500 notices to Delhi Police in one year. 

“We are being attacked because I question. I am not scared, I will continue to shake status quo,” Maliwal said in a series of tweets. “Information for ACB bosses: I have less than Rs 3 lakh. I am an activist, impossible to silence me. Jail me if u want, will continue to raise voice from there.”

She said it was the country’s misfortune that people who work with dedication are “crushed” by the system.

“I don’t fear because I am right. I will keep on fighting for Nirbhayas (victims of crime against women),” she said on twitter. Last month, the ACB raided the DCW office after Barkha Shukla Singh, a Congress politician, alleged that DCW was illegally appointing Aam Aadmi Party associates to plum posts. 

Maliwal also said that the annual DCW report would be released on Tuesday, with BJP leader and central minister Maneka Gandhi as the chief guest.
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