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who’s got the pig?

who’s got the pig?
However, most restaurants and diners leave us very disappointed when it comes to the pigs and the cows. Well worry no more. 

One of Hauz Khas’s latest hangouts, Matchbox, is all ready to dish out as much of those sinful eats as you want. 

We walked into Matchbox on an unsuspecting Thursday night. Placed pertly just a next to Raasta, Matchbox has come up where Themis used to be. Which is a huge relief because Themis was quite terrible. 

With spanking new interiors Matchbox appeals to your senses with some very innovative walls, some comfy cushions, a video game console for Tekken (which we loved!) and yes - some great music (these guys love their old school rock, thank the lord!). 

Chatting with Amit, one of the brains behind this two-month old joint, we get to know that the venue is all about all things legendary. The music, the movies, sports and of course the comics. 

We dug into the classic Pigs in a Blanket and the pork sausage pizza as Pink Floyd played in the background. Then came the bacon and fries ( a generous helping of bacon strips with french fries) and we were in heaven!  These guys also have a classic hotdog, a mac and cheese , fried chicken, burgers and yes - maggi! You can add your own twist to the dish of course picking from chicken, veggies and bacon bits. Yes. Get the drift - we love the bacon. 

They have a huge list of cocktails on offer and some select wines so pick your poison. They also have an all-day breakfast that you could try and a pretty impressive dessert spread which we skipped thanks to all the yummy meat we had just downed with a lot of beer. For next time! Head over and check these guys out. 

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