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Who can say no to chocolate?

Chocolate comes from The Cacao tree which is called as ‘Food of the Gods’. It is only apt to pair this heavenly ingredient with Cognac also known as ‘Nectar of the Gods’. Get a mental high and your heart pounding with delicious antioxidants that chocolate is made of, with the Cognac and Chocolate Symphony at The Imperial New Delhi. In life these sinful and luxurious pleasures are a treat to the
senses. Cognac paired with chocolates and then enjoyed as nightcap has been a tradition to go by.

The Imperial New Delhi presents a delightful way to end a great meal with our house made artisanal chocolates and a crystal glass of the finest and rarest cognacs.

Being the trendsetting hotel with an avante garde approach, here is an innovative mixing some creative cocktails based on Cognac and then artfully paired with chocolate. A few of the cocktails are legendary and are served as an ode to patrons by talented bartenders.

For instance, a clever old fashioned made with cognac will leave a great impact on your senses. Old school toddy (The Imperial Bartender’s Special) is another fine example of our mixologist’s technique in extracting a fine balance of flavors and colors to create a great cocktail.

Choose from an innovative menu featuring Stinger: Cognac, mint liquor and ice cubes; Red Russian: Cognac, vodka, cherry juice and rock ice;  Old Fashioned: Angostura bitter, cognac, sugar cube;  Burnt Orange: Angostura bitter, cognac, orange juice and ice cubes; Bartender special: Cognac, Indian spices, lemon juice, sugar syrup and hot water, and many more satiating concoctions this March.

Where: 1911 Bar and Patiala Peg
When: March 15-25


Satiate your love for Bengali cuisine as Imperial’s Daniell’s Tavern’s Executive Chef Vishal Atreya brings to your palate, inspired gourmet from Kolkata, the culinary capital of Bengal. From ‘Daab Chingri’ to ‘Shukto’ and ‘Ilish Maach Bhape’, the spices, the flavours and the aroma will delight you in each bite. We invite all you gourmands to take on an epicurean sojourn of East India.

Where: Daniell’s Tavern (all day dining restaurant)
When: March 10-25
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