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Where stories come alive

Where stories come alive
Ashadhatil Ek Diwas, a Marathi translation of Mohan Rakesh’s celebrated Hindi plays Ashadh Ka Ek Din opened the 8th day of the 17th Bharat Rang Mahotsav at LTG Auditorium. The play is about Kalidas, the poet extraordinaire, and his beloved Mallika. The 2 hour 30 minute play was directed by Atul Pethe.

The next play for the day was The Wave. It was in the decade of sixties that a history teacher in California, took to educate his pupils the lessons of history through an experiment which made its space in the history as the ‘Wave’ movement. This experiment was, in later period translated into a theatrical script by the noted German playwright and a theatre therapist Reinhold Tritt. Directed by Tarique Hameed, the 1 hour 30 min Hindi/English play was staged at Sri Ram Centre.

The next performance for the day was Jatayu Moksha (Yakshgan). It  is the dance-drama of South India, associated most strongly with the state of Karnataka. Elaborate and colourful costumes, makeup, and masks constitute some of the most-striking features of the art form.

Traditionally, Yakshagana was performed in the open air by all-male troupes sponsored by various Hindu temples. Since the mid-20th century, however, many performances have been held on indoor stages, and women began to train in the tradition in the 1970s. The one hour 45 minute play was directed by Guru Sanjeeva Suvarna and was staged at Open Lawn, NSD.

Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai was the next play for the evening starring Anupam Kher.  The play  is a journey of a man who should have been a failure; one who manipulated his destiny and forced it to become a success. 

Never before, in the history of theatre, has the autobiography of an actor been dramatised on stage, especially while he is still practising his craft. Anupam Kher is perhaps the most versatile and prolific actor the Indian cinema has ever seen. At the zenith of his career and crossroads of his life, he pauses to reflect and share his pain, joy, tears and laughter. Anupam’s struggle seems like a shaky Hindi film finding some coherence by the sheer determination of the protagonist and interesting twists and turns that life provides in fits of passion. The 2 hour and 30 minute play was directed by Feroz Khan and staged at Kamani Auditorium.

Kasumal Sapno was staged next. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is believed to have been written in the early part of Shakespeare’s career, sometime between 1594 and 1596. It portrays the adventures of four young lovers and a group of amateur actors, their interaction with woodland fairies and a duke as well as a duchess.

Taking place in the mythical Athens and an enchanted forest, there is a handsome fairy king, a misguided parent, star-crossed lovers, a weaver who is transformed into a half-donkey, wood sprites and elves. Directed by Ajeet Singh Palawat the 1 hour and 15 minute play was staged at Abhimanch.
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