‘When you dance, You are Free’

‘When you dance, You are Free’
What brought about Shaai'r + Func? Where did you start from?

I met Randolph at 3am at a party in Bandra in Mumbai. There were about 30 musicians there from various walks of life...all playing music and bonding in a really spiritual way — not at all how most Bombay house parties are. Randolph walked in with some mutual friends from the UK whom I knew from New York, and we instantly connected and hit it off. When he started playing the guitar, that was it, we were in sync and connected as two weirdo citizens of the world, and odd-ball soulmates. We just knew it instantly. It made sense that we make music together.

What is your signature sound?

Either subconsciously or unsubconsciously, Shaa’ir + Func was created to experiment and the ultimate goal was to create a sound that made people come and dance. Most of our music has elements of dance but it’s definitely in our nature to explore styles and genres in new and innovate ways that we like to think are completely our own. We like to bring people together and make them dance, because when you dance you’re free.

What’s coming up next with Shaa’ir + Func?

We are also working on our fourth album, and will of course be touring a lot as well. We're focusing on taking our live shows to the next level, and of course, our music too.

Can you tell us about the new Shaa’ir + Func album?

We're working on a record that really pays homage to the new India we're hearing and seeing more now rather than ever. It’s been fun to re-imagine ghaati beats, and write a rock and roll tune on top of it. Also, I think Shaa'ir + Func has matured quite a bit, so naturally, I hope our next release is more refined...an easier pill to swallow.  I'm interested in making music that moves people...moves them on the inside, and moves them to move on the outside.

Shaa’ir + Func features on the second season of The Dewarists. How was that for you?

Collaborating with La Pongal was an unexpected dream situation for Shaa'ir + Func in many ways. I'd heard their material online, and instantly thought that they were perfect for us as in recent times we've been exploring folk beats, and more Indian rhythms in the realm of our music, which is best described as electronic dance music. Randolph wrote a really interesting beat in six that we instantly starting jamming on. Almost right away, Siva had picked up his bass and written an interesting line that gave it almost an indigenous depth. I had a bit of a harder time finding my footing, but it was one of those situations where, all the unexpected choices where I had given up all sense of control, were the ones that turned out to be perfect. I'm really excited to share this tune with the world. I feel like it was the perfect next step for S+F.  I now consider myself a fan of La Pongal as well and I never say that lightly.

Any Bollywood plans?

Yes, David will be releasing this week, Neil Nitin Mukesh is my co-star in it. And later in the year Fireflies would be releasing in which my co-star is Rahul Khanna. Hope to do more films after these.

What plans for 2103?

At the moment, it's David and my next film Fireflies. I'm also writing the album 4 with Shaa'ir + Func right now and working on my first solo record.


At: Cocaine, N -11, 2nd floor, N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1
When: 30 January
Timings: 9 pm onwards
Phone: 9818855152
Entry: Rs 300
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