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When mind is the matter

Lost in Motion, is the title of the show that is going to open in the Capital displaying the recent art work by Dhanur Goyal. 

The work does not directly engage with any particular social or political issue, it takes on a more individual, introspective and autobiographical role in terms of a mental response or reaction towards the issues that we as humanity are trying to grapple with.

Goyal’s work engages with the constant changes that we collectively have to adjust and adhere to, his paintings move from chaos and hysteria, to depiction of hope and serenity, emotions every individual would feel in different circumstances and situations, to finally realisation and comprehension of life’s processes, of understanding that everything is, has been and will be in a constant state of slux (change). And even in destruction and chaos something new and stable is created. My work tries to explore the changing mental landscape of the human mind.

The ovoid images exist purely to act as the vehicle of a visionary world that is the instrument of possession and emotive purgation. In other words, they exist as an interior analogue which seeks to orientate and drive the viewer’s contemporary consciousness towards the realization of awakened primal possibilities, and away from those of the day’s excessively bland, unreasonably rational, machine made urban mass humanity.

In their import the drawn images are almost iconic and as such their presiding paradigm is the contemplation of the twilight zone’s protean, creatively restless minds. His predisposition towards envisaging the vibrating sea of our inner world is timely.

When: January 7 – 11 
Where: Visual Art gallery, IHC.
Timings: 10:30am – 6:30pm

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