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'When it comes to love, don’t lie!'

When it comes to love, don’t lie!
We are lovers since school days. Now, we are 23 years old. Suddenly I find my girlfriend ignoring me and I am sure she’s involved with a very rich guy who she met at a disco! What should I do?
Name not given

Love can’t happen one way, it has to be reciprocative. If suddenly she is not responding to you or has changed after she met a new guy then might be that she never loved you. It was a phase and it has faded! Grow up and be a man ! Don’t force love, it just happens. If possible speak with her and get a clear picture, if she is not even ready to speak with you then it is not worth the effort. In life it is very important to find the person who will hold your hand in all weather. If the love is true, it will be for you. Don’t be upset.

I love a girl, she also loves me very much,we can’t live without each other, but I am poor compared to their family. Her parents are willing to get her married in next two years. Last year I even tried committing suicide. If she gets married to some  other  person I will die. What should I do in this situation?
Tarang Singh, Haryana

First of all, HAVE GUTS TO LIVE. If you are ready to die if she doesn’t become a part of your life then probably you don’t deserve her! Do you have parents at home, brother and other people who love you? Think about them before you do any foolish act. I am not interested in giving you a solution because you are not worth it at this point of time and you are not ready for it. First love yourself and your life that is GIFT given by your parents & God to you, then think of loving somebody else. Committing suicide or even the attempt is an act of the weak. Love should make you stronger and happier. Contact me once you become strong, start loving yourself and ready to face anything and everything in life boldly. Shape up your life and career first. The rest can wait.

I’m a 20yr old girl. I was in a relationship for a year which was a long distance relation (another state). We both are of same caste and I was really very happy with him and could see him as my life partner. But with time he started to be busy and ignorant. He hardly replied to my messages and calls, it made me very sad. I asked him, he never gave a proper reason. I expressed my anger rudely but I want him back. Please help me.
Juhi, New Delhi

If you opt for a long distance relationship, then be prepared for such situations. First of all try to give him space, he might be really busy. I think its your possessiveness, that is creating an issue. Its absolutely ok to be possessive but the problem starts when you start having negative feelings along with being possessive. You might be probably thinking that he is involved with somebody else, and this might be making you insecure. Don’t chase him and stop giving him too much importance. Trust your partner completely, if he is yours he will be yours. And for the anger you expressed, it is normal. Apologize for your deed and try not to contact him for few days. Love yourself girl, you will automatically love everything around you.

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