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When inspiration comes from a nightie!

In an attempt to touch the human heart, Spandan, a solo exhibition of  artist Sangeeta Singh attempts to  celebrate thoughts in various forms and shapes.

‘Art for me is a visual statement of the celebration of thoughts in form and content. The objects which has intrigued me in the past have involved simplest of things that we overlook in our daily lives.

The sense of human migration that seeps in when you look at rickshaw pullers to the essence of faithfulness in our lives which comes best in the form of a loyal dog or a pet to the sense of freedom that flows from the uninhibited birds.

All these thoughts inspired me to bring them alive with my creations by chanelising them,’ said Sangeeta.

The exhibition is a collection of more than 30 ensembles, like oil on canvas, some drawings on paper and an installation. The artist says she mostly uses oil on canvas and also does a few sketches with ink and acrylics.

She attributes her art to her mentor Rameshwar Broota under whom she honed her skills.

‘My exhibition Spandan is a word in Sanskrit which means heartbeat and my concept is to touch the heart. I have painted different themes ranging from rickshawallas and their shadows, games people play, the hustle bustle of urban life depicted by birds. In one of the paintings I used a pink nightie as a metaphor of femininity,’ added Sangeeta.

For her paintings, she seeks inspiration from everyday life. 'Inspiration comes in many forms. It is often from the world around or any incident, which triggers my mind or a behavioural pattern which intrigues me. I am a keen observer. When I interact with people I observe their behavior rather than looks. My paintings are more  about feelings of the subject. Form is secondary. I use my instincts and intuition to decide the subjects.

Like in the series of bags and birds, the used bag was lying in my room for over a week as I was quite fascinated by its form. One day as I picked it up to dispose it I clicked over two dozen photos of the bag and during the process of studying those pictures I could just relate to it and used them in my works. Showing them with energy bursting in yellow and red colors.

The birds moving out of the bag is just a portrayal of the inner chaos and how we are moving in a busy world,’ said Sangeeta.


At: Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road
On Till: 1 To 7 October  
Timings: 11am To 8 Pm
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