When India rose against corruption

When India rose against corruption
The protest happened. We participated. Now we are on the verge of forgetting. Well, not really because many of us still have the ‘I am Anna’ caps but the actual struggle against corruption that happened in the Capital more than a year back is not foremost on anyone’s mind any more.

So in order to turn the clock back, top cop turned activist Kiran Bedi and author Pavan Choudhary co-authored the book Uprising 2011- Indians Against Corruption and launched it at the Full Circle stall at the World Book Fair.

The book, as Pavan puts it, is a ‘memoir which will serve as an inspiration tonic and memory pill’. It’s  the record of the anti-corruption movement that forced the hand of Indian government and led to the procedure of formation of Lok Pal Bill.

The book, according to Bedi, is an ‘illustrative history which can be read very interestingly’.

The Anna Hazare movement had found favour among the common people and managed to grab the nation in its nationalistic fervour. The movement passed and the feeling abated but what one shouldn’t forget is how the power of the mass managed to bring about a change in the system and that is precisely what Bedi wants to do with her book.

It serves as a reminder, a keepsake of a kind that should be kept and told as a folklore. Talking about law and order and punishment, Bedi pointed out: ‘Law is law and that we should respect it, especially the judgement of higher courts and have faith’.

The book has illustrations and clippings from newspapers of the turning points that marked the anti-corruption movement. There is absolutely no judgement passed in the book. It just documents the key milestones as they unfolded and  were reported.

But what about the outcome and hope connected with the Lok Pal movement and corruption? To this Choudhary replied optimistically: ‘My dream is that it (corruption) will be obliterated but my expectation is that it will be curbed to a significant extent’.

Along with Uprising 2011, Choudhary also launched his book How a good person can really win. The book  is actually about how you can win and stay true to your values as well. It also exposes the facade and the crooked method of an unprincipled man.As Choudhary puts it: ‘It’s a good man’s guide to power and is a book of life  especially in a country like India’.
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Anuja Jha

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