When funk is on the agenda

When funk is on  the agenda
When did you start with this career? And how did it all start off?
I was always into music. My Dad and my grandfather were both part time musicians and they encouraged my interest by letting me use their instruments and allowing me to make noise in general. As time went on my tastes diversified and I discovered electronic music. The creativity of using analog synthesis to forge sounds was the thing that enticed me. Then there was a whole load of engineering work for various artists and  doing gigs in gay bars in Birmingham… I wrote some music, remixed some music and now I’m here.

How has the journey been? Tell us about the best and the worst times so far...

All journeys have ups and downs. There have been highs that were so intense I never thought I would feel that way in a million lifetimes. There have also been lows so disparaging that I wanted to kill myself. I am far too passionate about what I do and there are a lot of aspects to this scene that are out of your control. One morning you wake up and you’re still making good music but everyone is buying records that sound like a car alarm and a kick drum. Fabulous vocalists like Kirsty Hawkshaw, Julie McKnight, Jan Johnston gave way to samples of people saying Drop The Bass or Throw Your Fucking Hands Up. Music gets replaced by rudimentary one finger basslines. All of these things fly against my beliefs and yet you are faced with a choice: Follow along like a sheep and be miserable or make the music you love and be virtually irrelevant. There isn’t really an upside in that situation so I chose to do what I wanted.

How do you like the music scene in India?

Its great. I love coming to play here, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I hope it doesn’t lose some of its innocence thought because people are seeing the country’s potential as a market for dance music and they are already saturating it with commercial dance.

Any interest in Bollywood music?

It’s not something I listen to regularly but I find it to be an enthralling experience.

What songs top your own play-list right now?
I’m listening to James Blake’s new album Overgrown a lot right now. I’m also really loving Daft Punk’s new album. I don’t listen to a lot of dance music to be honest.

How has the party music scene changed from the time you started?
It has advanced, but lets be honest everything does. Music would be boring if it didn’t evolve.
Is this your first Delhi visit? How has it been so far and what are you expecting from Delhi crowds?
I don’t expect anything from my crowds and I hope that my crowds don’t expect anything from me. I just want to play music for them and hopefully they will enjoy it!
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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