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When Delhi feasted like Europe

 Lina Pegu |  2012-11-03 22:40:02.0  |  New Delhi

When Delhi feasted like Europe

Quartet of European Delights, which is a part of the ongoing V4 Festival, had a cultural evening with European performers Csillagszemuek (Starry-Eyed) Dance Ensemble. The foot-tapping dances, the colourful attires and the music was a complete European treat as one could go back in time when folk music dominated central Europe.

The festival brought together traditional culinary recipes, menus, lively central European music and a photo exhibition at the same event.

The Hungarian group, Csillagszemuek (Starry-Eyed) Dance Ensemble, a group of 24 young people performed the vibrant and lively folk dances from Hungary and Europe. It was a visual as well as a musical treat as the boys tapped their foot to the beat.

Chefs from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia were flown down to India for a special European food and breweries spread. At the bar there were nine different beer brands from the European country.

'I cooked the duck like they do in Poland and there is chicken on the platter and some beetroot stock,' said the chef from Poland who had come to India specially for the event. Hungarian cuisines like Goulosh were also prepared. With more guests turning up than expected, the food was quickly savoured with wine and beer.

The nine varieties of beer which were served had distinct flavours.

And if you thought you missed it, there's another chance as a special Hungarian Cuisine Day will be hosted at the Eros Hotel on 4 November.

Lina Pegu

Lina Pegu

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