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When art meets Heritage

When art meets Heritage
What happens when art meets heritage? The Ananya Dance Festival will bring you the answer. One of the most awaited classical dance festivals, it features specially designed group choreographs that light up the majestic Old Fort every year.

The five-day classical dance extravaganza is in its 11th year. It is organised by the Department of Art, Culture, Languages of the Government of Delhi and Seher in association with Archaeological Survey of India [ASI], which celebrates its 150 years.

‘Ananya is an attempt to popularise the Indian classical arts among the youth. In this age of reality television, our heritage and culture needs to be repackaged innovatively and preserved amongst the future generations. The festival is one such attempt to showcase Indian classical dances in their purest form so that the traditional arts would reach out to more and more people of all ages and strata of society,’ said Sanjeev Bhargava, Creative Director, Ananya.

The festival will start with an opening Bharatnatyam performance titled ‘Shiva Shakti’ based on Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi [Shakti].

‘Shiva Shakti is a dance centered on energy. It depicts the synergised power mingled with Panch Pota [five elements]. The 50 minute choreographed ballet will be put up by a troupe of 11 artistes,’ explained choreographer Saroja Vaidyanathan.

Nearly hundred school children will also get a chance to interact with artistes at the festival. The workshop also aims to extend Ananya’s endeavour of introducing people to the possibilities of making a connection with traditional arts and architecture in their own lives and the potential of continuing to experiment with these in the contemporary era.

‘This time we have also introduced an outreach programme whose objective is two fold. One to foster a vision of taking Indian culture to the students. And the second is to present the creative industry – music, dance, theatre, art and related professions to be encouraged amongst the younger generation as viable alternative career options,’ added Bhargava.


At: Purana Qila [Old Fort]
When: 6 October – 10 October
Timings: 7 pm onwards 
Entry: Free
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