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When art is divine

When art is divine
Studio 55 presents Aesthetic conscience, a n art exhibition curated by Kishore Labar and Saswai Chaudhuri. The exhibition will commence on 28 November and will continue till 6 December, at Studio 55 in Sundar Nagar in the capital.

The theme of the show is unique as it talks about Aesthetic conscience which is a special quality of human being gifted by divine force. There is a saying: ‘Conscience is the heart of Heaven’. The word conscience comes from the Latin conscire, a compound of con (with) and scire (to know), means 'to know together with,' or  'joint knowledge with another.' Thus conscience is the faculty of man’s  knowing.

Senior Participating  artiste are- Nira Davar, Gaurav, Saswati ,Chawla, Kamlesh tiwari, Mohini Narain, Manju Narain, Meghna, Poonam Chandrika Tyagi,Sangeeta kumar Joy.

The conscience drives us to be a special being on earth. Conscience is innate; that is given by God to man, his God-like personality, spiritual understanding, and conscience. Creative people practice
Aesthetic conscience to express their thoughts through artistic media. This exhibition will showcase such aesthetic expressions created by few of the artistes who have explored enough and have a fair amount of experience in their own style of work. This outcome represents unique depictions of the artistes’ meaningful ideas based on their individual cognition inspiring the viewers to invoke creative sensibility. This show is different from other shows happening around because it promises to promote those artistes who are away from limelight but doing good experimental work silently.

Creating good art and being known as great artiste are two different things. In most cases it is not reality even if new age artistes are good in business, we can find many good artistes are still yet to be known and their contribution to art world is yet to be acknowledged. So someone has to take a call and do something about it. Aesthetic Conscience is an initiative towards that noble reason.

This group is a combination of various age group and working on their own style and technique. All these artistes are socially aware and have their own life experiences and artistic skill to represent their thoughts and expressions.

Studio 55 is an Art Gallery situated in Sunder Nagar near the famous Delhi Zoological Gardens, in a peaceful colony. Studio 55 is based upon the 'Salon' concept created in Paris and Europe of the 19th century Renaissance, where a harmonious elite domestic space was utilised regularly for artistic and intellectual activities.

The Tagore family of Jorasanko in Kolkata also engaged in regular Salons, where music, art, theatre and poetry were encouraged within the walls of the Tagore home. Enlightened and educated families were always expected to promote cultural activity throughout the course of history. This is the case at Studio 55 too, where the effort is that artistes should feel relaxed during their shows.

When: On till 6 December Where:  Studio 55, 55,Sundar Nagar

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