When art goes techy

When art goes techy
Peep into a fascinating artspace, A Terabyte-ing Serpentine, that goes beyond the set dictums and  does not bow down to market and economic pressures.

It’s easily one of the most unusual settings for an art project where an under-construction site in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area becomes the muse for a delhi-based artist Mukesh Sharma.

The project is unique in several other ways too. Apart from being a site-specific project that successfully creates an alternative to counter the rigidity of a gallery space, it is the product of a five-month-long intense collaboration and deliberation between Sharma and project curator Unnati Singh who is herself an artist of repute. The material that he has used is mostly junk computer components like keyboards, monitors and computer chips which forces us to think of the complexity of recycling the non-biodegradable and the environmental hazard created by the redundancy of technology.
 So, when the project  titled A Terabyte-ing Serpentine  opens at Sharma’s on-site studio at Vasant Kunj on 24 July, for a month long viewing till August 24, one will get to see a studio space like none before. The art he has created inside the studio space is equally ambitious in scale.

The show stopper in the project, however, is the eponymous installation that occupies one whole room. Titled A Terabyte-ing Serpentine, the work is made of thousands of  pieces of keyboards and their digital drawings that have been stuck together to entwine the whole room like a serpent.

‘The work alludes to a movement that is unseen, a ghost of a movement, creating patterns with the mind, digging its fangs into the nerves that rule the mankind, numbing the senses that question its path. Humanity is in the grip of this serpent getting twisted with each nanosecond. Junk keyboards are a reminder of how each time a new invention happens so much becomes obsolete and how we have to deal with this monstrous serpent’ explains Singh.
Sharma’s work is a thing of beauty, with each work carrying a mystical element that defines both life and decay.


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