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When Anjali fell for 17-year-old Tendulkar

When Anjali fell for 17-year-old Tendulkar
It was at an airport where medical student Anjali Mehta saw the wonder boy of Indian cricket and was floored by the ‘cute looks’ of Sachin Tendukar. She ran after him screaming Sachin.....Sachin, much to the embarrassment of the 17-year-old Tendulkar. She even forgot about her mother whom she had to gone to pick with a friend. This story of love-at-first-sight was revealed by Anjali Tendulkar, wife of one of the greatest batsmen in world cricket, at the launch of his autobiography, ‘Playing it my way’.

‘I had gone to pick my mother and then I saw him and my friend told me he is the wonder boy of Indian cricket. I told my friend, Oh! he is so cute. Then I ran after him and I forgot about my mother. Sachin was so embarrassed and did not even look at me,’ Anjali said, recollecting the moments. She managed to get the number of Tendulkar after that, called him and was lucky he picked her call. ‘I said I am Anjali and I saw you at the airport. He said he remembers me. When asked what colour, I was wearing, he remembered that it was an orange colour T-shirt.’ Anjali, now a mother of two, said she was destined to meet him, since on two previous occasions she could have met Tendulkar but could not do so as she was not interested in the game of cricket.

‘He was there with Star Cricket Club and I was also there in England and my dad called me when Indian team was playing. He wanted me to meet the boy who had scored a century but I said I don’t want to meet this boy, I am not interested in cricket. Maybe if I had met, I would have chased him when he was 15,’ she said as the gathering listened to the love story with amusement.
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