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When a tree saved a life, then some more

Some people have an unusual knack of bouncing back really stronger every time they are hit hard by the numerous hurdles life introduces for them. They can show real grit and gumption by turning adversities into opportunities. When Deepak Gaur met with a near-fatal accident in 2010 doctors had little hope of his survival. Having spent three months in coma, Deepak fought death only to emerge as a man determined to do something for the society.

He took the environmentalists’ route to contribute to society. Deepak through his dedication for the cause of spreading greenery in the country has earned for himself the title of ‘Tree Man’. ‘After I got out of coma, I was bed-ridden. I didn’t know if I will ever get to move around and see sunlight. I was so close to death and since I got my life back I decided that I must start a new form of life which is gifting life,’ he says, adding that his mission to gift trees began with exactly this thought in mind.    

Tree Man’s mission, however, began with receiving a plant sapling as gift from then president of India APJ Abdul Kalam. Deepak has so far gifted 35,000 saplings to people across a broad range of spectrum from ordinary rickshawpullers to political leaders and actors and actresses.

‘My inspiration is the legendary Bhagat Singh and I intend to spark a revolution in society just like him. I want to spark a green revolution,’ he says. ‘Trees give us so much but we do not respect them. It is about time that we spread greenery by gifting each other trees to make this world a happier place,’ Deepak adds.

Tree Man aims to gift one billion trees by 2025 as part of his efforts to ‘gift life’ to people. He keeps adding new concepts to his mission to keep the movement alive. 

On Independence Day for instance, Deepak launched the Freedom Series which hailed gifting of trees to the motherland. 

He also wants that as the movement progresses more emphasis is laid on developing a personal bond with trees so that planting trees and taking care of them becomes a part of life for people.
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