Wellington jute mill downs its shutters

Wellington Jute Mill authorities at Rishra put up suspension of work notice at the gate of the factory. With this around 5,000 workers from this jute mills have turned jobless.

In the notice that was put up, the mill authorities have mentioned that they were forced to close down the operations as the workers failed to increase the production to the standard level. 

The workers had failed to comply with the norms of production as per the agreement. It was also mentioned in the notice that the whole industry was facing acute shortage of raw jute and hence it was extremely important to reduce the cost of production by achieving high efficiency.
The workers were not, however, willing to understand the gravity of the situation and were indifferent, as it was claimed in the notice board. 

The situation has been further complicated as there is an acute scarcity of raw materials.

The mill authorities have also claimed that several appeals were made to the workers to stop loitering in the mill leaving the work places and not to resort to suspension of work on one pretext or the other, and maintaining discipline to improve production. 

But the mill workers did not follow the guidelines and this had forced to stop operations at the mill, claimed a senior official at the jute mill.



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