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Webber didn’t deserve to win: Vettel

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel met a barrage of questions about his failure to obey team orders on Thursday with an unrepentant smile and cold contempt for Red Bull teammate Mark Webber.

Facing a scrum of reporters crammed into his team’s hospitality centre at the Chinese Grand Prix, Vettel showed little apparent remorse for his failure to obey instructions by snatching victory from Webber in Malaysia last month.

There was no ‘war’ between the team mates, he said, but no real trust either.

The Australian, added the German in a 20-minute long explanation, had not deserved to win. ‘Had I understood the message, then I think I would have thought about it, reflected on what it means, what the team wants me to do, to leave Mark in first place and me finishing second. And I think I would have thought about it and probably done the same thing because Mark doesn’t deserve that.’

Pressed by Reuters on why he felt Webber, who had obeyed instructions to turn down the engine and look after the tyres, had not deserved to win, Vettel replied bluntly:

‘I don’t like to talk ill of other people. It’s not my style. I think I said enough. The bottom line is that I was racing, I was faster, I passed him, I won.’ ‘I don’t consider myself the bad guy,’ replied the 25-year-old, who said on Wednesday that he had apologised to the team after the race for his act of disobedience but not for winning.’
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