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Weaving love and warmth

Weaving love and warmth
Dastkar, in partnership with Delhi Tourism, presents The Winter Mela - a heart-warming celebration of winter textiles, crafts, food and more. The exhibition brings together the best of the rich regional textiles, beauty products, food and more from across India, with a special focus on the crafts of Kashmir, a special section showcasing the crafts and culture of Kashmir and Painted Fables:
Panchatantra Chitra exhibition of paintings depicting stories created by craftspeople and artists under the guidance of the Crafts Council of India. The exhibition will be held at Nature Bazaaar Venue, near Chattarpur from December 11 to 22.

Dastkar Winter Mela brings you an exquisite range of clothing to warm up your wardrobe with beautiful tussar silk weaves from Chattisgarh and Bihar, the rare and intricate dana-weaving or tangalia textiles from Gujarat. Lovely kullu and kinnauri wool shawls from Himachal Pradesh etc. All will be present alongside a wide and vivid selection of Kutch shawls and stoles by several expert weavers from the Vankar community. Hand-embroidered and patchwork quilts will be available, as well as knitted sweaters, capes, gloves and socks. The exhibition of paintings Painted Fables: Panchatantra Chitra depicts stories from the Panchatantra, narrated through different painting and craft styles - Madhubani of Bihar, Patachitra of West Bengal and Odisha, Sanjhi paper-cutting from Uttar Pradesh, Sikki grass, Santhal painting from Odisha, Phad painting of Rajasthan, Gond tribal painting of Madhya Pradesh and Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh. Created under the aegis of Gulshan Nanda (former chairperson of Central Cottage Industries Emporium) and the Crafts Council of India, the painting exhibition will bring the Nature Bazaar Exhibition Gallery to life and introduce visitors to the rich artistic traditions of story-telling in India.

A special feature within the Dastkar Winter Mela, brings together some of the crafts and craftspeople most affected, highlighting the tragedy. The floods  swept away not only karigars and  their family members, but workplaces, equipment, raw material and stock. In no other state is such a high percentage of the population dependent on craft - for livelihoods, earnings and economic growth. The impact has been catastrophic.

“The exhibition is a small start in helping Kashmir and its craftspeople make new roots and flower and flourish again. It also draws attention to how much needs to be done.  I hope the people of Delhi come forward and support it.” says Laila Tyabji and founder trustee of Ctok.

With cultural performances brightening up the bazaar, and hot regional snacks and beverages at the Winter Mela Food Court, enjoy a crisp and wintry 12 days with Dastkar celebrating arts, crafts, culture, nature, and regional cuisine!

Where: Nature Bazaar Venue, Andheria Modh, Delhi (Near Chattarpur metro station) When:
December 11-22

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