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‘We want world to know her name’

‘We want world to know her name’
The father of Delhi’s gang-rape victim has said he wants his daughter’s name revealed, saying it only will give courage to other women.

In an interview to British publication The Sunday People, the man said, ‘We want the world to know her real name. My daughter didn’t do anything wrong, she died while protecting herself.’

As per law, the identity of victims of sexual assault cannot be revealed. Delhi Police refused to comment on the interview.

The 23-year-old woman was raped and tortured in a moving bus on 16 December. She died in a Singapore hospital on 29 December.

The incident fuelled widespread protests in India, with demonstrators and security forces clashing in Delhi.

‘I am proud of her. Revealing her name will give courage to other women who have survived these attacks. They will find strength from my daughter,’ her father was quoted as saying.

The man was interviewed in his village in Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh. The publication carried pictures of her family at their ancestral home.


As the father of the Delhi gangrape victim revealed her name on Sunday, it rejuvenated the campaign for justice for the woman with a deluge of messages in the virtual world lauding the grief-stricken family’s decision and vowing support to it.

‘Admiration and respect for the father for letting her name (gang-rape victim) be known to the world. This will definitely strengthen our cause as well as give a face to this movement seeking strict laws for women,’ Chhavi Singh Deo posted on her Facebook wall.

Jay Thakkar, referring to the young woman, tweeted: ‘Courage, Bravery and Suffering now have a new common synonym’.
The revelation prompted many to revive their pledge to keep fighting for stringent punishment for the woman’s six attackers and more security for women.‘She has a name. It’s not Nirbhaya or Damini. We salute you. India will fight back!!’ tweeted Nisha Arjun.

‘Our fight has got a face now you have shaken our souls and set our hearts aflame. We will never forget,’ posted Neeraj Singh on Facebook, referring to the victim who died of her injuries Dec 29 in a Singapore hospital, where she was shifted for better treatment. Suhaib Ilyasi tweeted: ‘Now that we know the name of the victim, let’s vow that we will intensify our agitation.’

Sonorita Chauhan was of the view that the focus should remain on the fight and not on the name of the victim. ‘Nirbhaya, Amaanat, Damini - what’s in a name? It’s the fight that matters, right?’ she tweeted.
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