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We train drivers of our school on scientific lines: Malhotra

What are the main functions of Automobile Association of Upper India (AAUI)?

Automobile associations’ or Automobile clubs, are present in 170 countries and comes under the umbrella of Fédération Internationale de 'Automobile (FIA) which is a non-profit association established as the Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIACR) on 20 June 1904 to represent the interests of motoring organisations and motor car users. To the general public, the FIA is most commonly known as the governing body for many auto racing events.

FIA and we (AAUI) have the consultative status with United Nations. Our finds and views relating to automobile mobility, motor sports, road safety and tourism are influential and are considered by the United Nations. We are under UN convention 1954, obliged to accept International Motor Traffic in our country by allowing tourists with their vehicles to pass land customs stations, check posts and borders without paying custom duties. Temporary importation of vehicles by tourists is governed under Geneva Conventions to which government of India is signatory. The FIAA and its constituents like AAUI are responsible to administer the customs documents of this propose.

As the president of AAUI, what is your mission?

My mission is to promote international understanding, explore mutual coopration by exchanging expertise and benefit Indian motoring community and tourists at domestic and international level. I have plans to initiate steps to give new definition to regional tourism in my capacity as the Vice President of Asia Pacific Region II. The global leadership position has a wider horizon for me to interact with all the Asia Pacific countries.  There are many areas of common interest. I would evaluate and replicate the same benefit to our countrymen and assist the civic authorities.

What have been your achievements as the president of Automobile Association of Upper India?

I have been the President of AAUI since 1981 and have also served five terms as national President, Federation of Indian Automobile Associations (FIAA). I was nominated for the position of Vice President of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT), Geneva in 1993. The FIAA during my tenure as President organised a successful World Assembly of the Alliance Internationale de Tourismein in New Delhi. In spite of the bomb blasts that shook Maharashtra and fear of terror looming over other parts of the country, the event was highly successful and was participated by delegates representing more than 90 countries.

In the year 1988, I pioneered a thought to establish a driving school to impart training on scientific lines. The school is equipped with bus/truck and light motor vehicles, imported simulators of Skoda and has evaluated and developed driving skills of thousands of drivers in the past many years. A scientific study on physiological aptitude of drivers was initiated by me in 2002 using high-end simulators. About 15,000 drivers participated in the study and was well received by the media, society, safety lovers and stake holders.

The driving institute is currently imparting driving skills to more than 80 drivers every day. In fact we also run an AIDS-awareness programme specifically for truck drivers which is mandatory to be attended. A one-hour orientation programme is developed for this purpose.

Do you also help these drivers get employment?

The AAUI has established a mini employment exchange to help drivers get trained in the institute. The objective is to help them find a suitable employment. It is also helping the industry and others who are in need of trained drivers.

Can you tell us about the Road Safety Campaign run by AAUI?

We have appointed over 100 'Roaming Ambassador' in the Capital whose job to handle road related issues in their neighborhood and give feedback to the AAUI, which then takes up the matter to the traffic police and the Transport Department.  We will be observing International Road Safety Week from 6-12 May, 2013 where we will be running seminars, where we will be educating young school students about the importance of road safety.   

What kind of special services do you provide to motorists, road users and members of AAUI?

We provide 24-hour breakdown assistance, travel itinerary along with road information and road maps, passport assistance for making new passport and renewing services. Acquiring international driving permits for our members, we help obtain AA Carnet Passages for temporary exportation of cars, legal assistance in traffic offenses, AA vehicle inspection, global benefits and affiliation with more than 150 automobiles clubs and The list to be honest is endless.
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