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‘We should read each other to serve humanity: Gandhi

‘We should read each other to serve humanity: Gandhi
‘We are curious about our planet and about those living on it. Do we know enough about fellow Indians? We are concerned about the happenings around us, but we are some time not even aware of the person living next door,’ Gandhi said at Guru Nanak Dev University here.

‘We should know and understand each other to serve humanity in a better way. The need of the hour is that we should know our fellow Indians, if we really need development of the country,’ he said.

‘Development is always a collective effort. Exchange of thoughts of people always lead to fruitful results,”’he said. Gandhi said he was not Punjabi, but he wrote a book on the history of Punjab just out of curiosity and interest.

‘I am really impressed with the bravery of Sikhs. They ruled the major part of India despite being in minority,’ said the AAP candidate from East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. ‘The secret of national unity is our ability to listen to one another. India has many gifted talkers but we need some sensitive listeners,’ he said.

‘The water level is declining day by day due to global warming. If we failed to preserve this natural resource, our future generations would suffer a lot,’ he said.
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