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We must make poor self-reliant rather than Govt-dependent: PM

‘A person breaks down completely when he becomes dependent on others. In such a situation, he would think of dying instead of living such life. There is no better thing than bringing such persons out from that miserable situation,’ Modi said during a function at Mahatma Mandir here.

The Prime Minister lamented over the prevailing schemes and programmes running in the country and said these would only make the poor under-confident and dependent on the government.

‘Due to our bad luck, the schemes and programmes that run in our country are such that they make poor people dependent on government instead of making them self-dependent and self-confident. If government programmes stop, the poor will die of hunger,’ Modi said. ‘Can't we change this situation. God has given us hands, intelligence, education and in the same way he has given all those things to dalit, tribal and poor. What he has not got is opportunity. If he gets opportunity, he would also not like to live a life of dependent,’ Modi said.
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