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'We don’t know what kind of people we want!'

We don’t know what kind of people we want!
Noida Expo Centre, this year’s venue of Roadies- X I audition was jam packed with lots of energy and enthusiasm and countless Delhites took a chance on their fate to be the next Roadie. This year MTV’s show Roadies is coming in with a brand new concept of no ‘vote out’ and ‘no politics’.

The duo came to Delhi, the first audition stop, to select the lucky ones who will commence the Ride For Respect this year. They have no expectations and just a hope to find something unexpected, as the judge and mentor of the show Raghu Ram puts it, ‘It’s all about earning respect this year, people often put an excuse of getting voted out or being caught up in politics, so it’s our experiment to see how people react to it.’ The crew of the show was really happy with the Capital’s response as many interesting people have showed up for the auditions. ‘We are looking for people who have passion to be on the journey with us, who are interesting, not fake. We come with an empty mind so, we don’t know what kind of people we want,’ said Rannvijay.

The change in society and technological advancements puts today’s youth much ahead of previous generations which in return has affected the concept of the show. ‘The youth has changed in past 10 years, kids have more access to information and their thought process have also changed, we take the contestants back to basics without any cell phones, internet and other auxiliaries,’ said Raghu.

To summarise his journey of making and living Roadies and to fulfil his dream of writing a book, Raghu Ram launched his book Rearview: My Roadies Journey during the event. The book takes in account the past 10 years of making roadies and Raghu Ram’s personal life as well.

The book reveals why and how he behaves in a certain way on the show. All the secrets are out.  ‘I’ve been very protective of my personal life so far, people only knew as I’ve been on screen. Roadies have been a very innovative journey, unforgettable and inspiring. It taught me that it is possible to do anything,’ he adds.

Rannvijay talks about his journey in a different manner as he started as a contestant and now a judge on the show. The changing concept over the years is what makes the show interesting for him. ‘When I started I had no responsibilities as a contestant all these years Roadies gave me different experiences of doing tasks, travel, changes and more. Now at the end of every day I have the satisfaction of having a productive day.’
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