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‘We can’t wait to hear what the future sounds like’

‘We can’t wait to hear  what the future sounds like’
What do you think of the current music scene in India. There’s a whole new buzz about our music. What is your opinion.

To be honest we have no idea what is going on now in India music wise. It’s one of our major goals when we are there. Finding out what is hot and what is not. We love traditional and classic Indian music, and also love the Indian pop culture. But it has been a while since we were there...

The young generation is trying to experiment. Is that a good  thing always?

Music is like fashion and design, a sign of the times, giving each time its own look or sound score. Always on the move, always taking steps forwards, sometimes looking back at older styles and reinventing them. There have been great new artistes lately, pushing the boundaries of music a little forward. Unfortunately. there has not been a style which has been revolutionary in the past eight years or so, like Charleston, jazz, rock and roll, hippie, disco, punk, new wave, house music, techno and electro have been in their era. It seems there are too few angry young people and lots of music is made to make as much money as possible, not to create or stir a revolution. But for sure this will change, it’s the nature of human beings, to change, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. We can’t wait to hear what the future sounds like.

What do you think sets you guys apart?

There are not that many DJs who do music for the fashion industry. You have to love both music and fashion and know how both worlds work. The music industry is mostly afraid of fashion, mainly because they do not understand what it is all about, the fashion industry loves music though... We love both worlds and we love putting on a show. We are perfectionists and always looking for ways to do things different so the music you’ll hear at a show stands out and makes the clothes look good!

You have been associated with a lot of different kinds of music. What keeps you going?

There’s so much music, from ethnic to classical, from pop to experimental and underground. It’s like finding treasures all the time, and finding out how things can work with collections is like an experimental puzzle. You never know what a designer comes up with, there’s always the challenge to make it work out. We love it.

Some inspirations and experiences which have enriched you.

To be honest, it’s always the next show which is the most inspiring, the kick of finding out what to do and making it work. And, as we said, there’s so much music in the world, there’s always an artiste who we do not know, or a certain style which opens a complete new world for us. Lately, we have been inspired by new young artistes like Trippple Nippples from Japan and Grimes from the USA, but are also digging deep into the music made by French singer and composer Serge Gainsbourg and are discovering the works of minimal classical composer Otte.

If you were making a debut, hypothetically, at this point of life what do you think as a newcomer you are likely to offer your audience?

Guts and the power to create something fresh!

If you had to do something all over again what would that be?

If we listen to some of our really old mixes we would do them completely differently. In the beginning we were thinking of electronic dance music, while nowadays we are open to any style of music.

Does India listen to anything other than Bollywood?

Of course it does. The music from India has a great history, there’s beautiful classical and traditional music and there has to be new stuff and artistes which we do not know [yet]. We can’t wait for the workshop where we are hopefully going to find out much and much more.
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