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WBPCC to move SC against Manas Bhunia

West Bengal Pradesh Congress (WBPCC) will move the Supreme Court against the party’s MLA Manas Bhunia who joined Trinamool Congress on Monday.

The Leader of the Opposition Abdul Mannan will go to Delhi on Wednesday to file a case against Bhunia for violating Anti-Defection Law. Defection is defined as “to abandon a position or association, often to join an opposing group which essentially describes a situation when a member of a particular party abandons his loyalty towards that party and provides his support ( in the form of his vote or otherwise) to another party.”

The Congress Legislature party (CLP) on Tuesday sent a letter to Bhunia asking him to clarify his stand. If the Supreme Court gives verdict against him, then the seat will fall vacant and there will be election. Political experts in the city said some more Congress leaders are waiting to join TMC. Bhunia along with veteran Congress leader Mohammad Shorab and 51 others joined TMC on Monday. Many Congress leaders could not accept the way Mannan and Adhir Chowdhury made personal attack on Bhunia after he was elected as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The situation is turning from bad to worse every day. Chowdhury’s losing of grip over Murshidabad after five out of seven municipalities and the Zilla Parishad were taken over by TMC, added fuel to fire. “Anyday the anger of Chowdhury’s opposite camp will erupt leading to the virtual split of the party,” experts said. They maintained that the way Trinamool took over the municipalities, one after the other, showed that Chowdhury’s control over local leaders had reached the nadir.

Meanwhile, Bhunia said that the future course of action would be determined by Trinamool leaders. “I am a soldier of TMC and will do what my leaders ask me to do,” he said. TMC is going to organise a meeting in Sabang from where Bhunia was elected towards the end of this month. The party will soon set up its base in Sabang. It has already set up its base in Narayangarh.
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