Ways to travel hassle-free during demonetisation

Ways to travel hassle-free during demonetisation
Travelling after demonetisation is a tricky business. You are in a new place where no one is prepared to lend you a credit card and no one is willing to sell without the new currency. 

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes to curb black money. 

If you have plans to travel, a travel advisor has a few tips to offer on how to travel hassle-free:

1. Book packages: Try and book all-inclusive packages which will cover travel and meals once you reach your destination, so you are not strapped for cash at the last minute. 

2. Online payment: Book your stay well before reaching the destination. These are not the times to backpack and find a hotel on arrival. So book online. 

3. Travel agent: Check before travelling to ensure that your travel agent will accept cheques or credit and debit cards. 

4. Local travel: Cash crunch? Use cab services that offer cashless transactions for shuttles between places and rent-a-car services. 

5. Download mobile wallet apps: Several cashless payment  apps have wide usage, and even some small and pop stores use them. Download one or two apps before your journey, so that you can pay electronically wherever possible.

6. ATMs and banks: Before leaving home, identify the banks and ATMs near your hotel or on your travel route. On the go, if you spot a branch of your bank or see an ATM, withdraw cash, even if you have enough money or don’t foresee any expenditure.

7. Packing: Ensure that you carry enough medicines and other travel essentials for the entire journey. Do carry your mobile charger and power bank as per your requirements. 

8. Shopping and eating out: Before you step out of your hotel, research or call ahead and identify restaurants and shops that accept plastic cards or cheques. Usually, larger establishments offer a card swipe facility.


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