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Waves of Fantasy

Waves of Fantasy
Ghazali an art teacher rarely travels to hill stations. As the artist puts it,  ‘It has been ages since I have been to a hill station. All the 45 paintings have come through my imagination. Even when I am confined to a room surrounded by books and magazines, my mind transports me to a serene hill station where the beauty of Himalayas leaves me in a trans.’

His work does not only serve solely as a means of expressing the painter’s admiration of nature but he also feels strongly that painting has a task of its own to accomplish in the service of imaginative life. The artist has developed a style which is in keeping with the thirst of mankind’s inner needs.

Here there is a greater and starker simplicity, which is expressive, natural seeming, and free from ornamental impediments of any kind. Instead of relying on the fortuitous, painting is given content by artistic values belonging to all time, and of a significance at the best of times.

The traditional realistic manner, based on observation of the changing appearances of nature, is felt to be inadequate. Means are thus sought to enhance the interpretation of the inspirational idea. Distracting and superfluous accretions are mostly eliminated.

The main themes, having thus been isolated and set free from all the accidental circumstances, are given a new environment in which ideal spatial dimensions replace those of the nature. It is how a fresh pictorial convention develops whose chief characteristics are a twin-dimensional scheme of composition, a firm yet spontaneous seeming stylisation of the forms of nature in depth, and a symbolic content.

Already in Ghazali’s early experiments, there have been meaningful uses of line and colour. Here the drawing turned objects into visual images which took over the artist’s argument and sustained it. The close-knit compositions and the rhythmical groupings of forms are the pictorial elements of importance in his present works. In some of his showings the painter applies new possibilities directly, without any justification or a literary content. In these paintings he breaks with the descriptive, the anecdotal, and the atmospheric. Pure forms in their elementary capacity, completely visible in their stiff, vertical or horizontal seams and layers are the materials with which the compositions are their rhythmically constructed.

When: 18 January, 11 am
Where: M.F Hussain Art Gallery
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