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Water for health

This year marks the 10th anniversary of an event to increase public awareness of an important health problem in the community across the globe. The Departments of Nephrology of PGIMER, Dr R M L hospital and AIIMS are jointly organizing a two day event on March 12-13 at the auditorium of PGIMER, Dr R M L hospital.

The theme this year Kidney Health for All reminds us that all of us are not equal with regards to risk for kidney disease and access to treatment. This two days event will have public lectures and panel discussions quiz, poster competition among school and nursing students and CME on Kidney for the Central Government Health Service doctors and Nurses. The Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be the Chief Guest and Director General Health Service and Director; AIIMS will be the Guest of Honour in the inaugural function.

The pledge, ‘sharing a glass of water’ on March 12 is a good way to remind us that kidneys are vital organs and that they should be taken care of.

Taking steps to live a healthy lifestyle clearly helps to reduce risk, and early detection and treatment can slow or prevent the progression of kidney disease.

With 10% of the population worldwide having some form of kidney damage, there is a long road ahead to raise awareness about the dangers of kidney disease. Some communities in both higher and lower income countries are at greater risk than others because of their ethnic origin, socioeconomic status and/or where they live. India at present has the world’s largest population of diabetes and obesity; both have been recognized as an emerging epidemic. Every fifth person in India is hypertensive. All these are risk factors contributing to the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which is predicted to increase by 17% over the next decade; and is now recognized by WHO and other organizations as a global public health issue.

The Organising Chairperson, Prof Dipankar Bhowmik told there are several easy ways to reduce the risk of developing kidney disease. Keep fit and active, Keep regular control of your blood sugar level, Monitor your blood pressure, Eat healthy and keep your weight in check, Maintain a healthy fluid intake, do not smoke and do not take over-the-counter pills on a regular basis.
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