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Watch what you read

While non-book readers discover that it is an easier way to know the story, experience the plot whilst munching on popcorns and sipping fuzzy drinks; for book readers it is time for anxiety attacks.

Haven’t you ever experienced the creeping fear that the book you have just finished reading, the one you loved till the last pages and you held the plot close to your heart, will one day be made into a terrible movie? As any avid book reader will probably know only a few of these book to film adaptations are able to arouse the same feelings as the book.

While the Harry Potter movies were passable (though, how could you leave out Peeves? or how can one mess up Voldemort’s death scene?), and movies like Gone with the Wind (1939) did reestablish my faith in cinema, but then something like The Mortal instruments: City of Bones (2013)  made me curl up in bed and weep.

With Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I just released, I am half dreading, half anticipating watching the movie. The first two films were pretty amazing, and one of the best thing about the film series is the casting. Jennifer Lawrence is extraordinary as Katniss Everdeen, the leading lady. The male leads are equally good and the film establishes the dystopia that the author Suzanne Collins wanted you to experience.

It may be safe to say that the movie will not be disappointing considering the preceding two in the series and a fair review can be done only after one  has watched the movie, the reader in me has her fingers crossed.

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