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Watch out! There’s a raft involved!

Watch out! There’s a  raft involved!
Miss it at your own risk, but before that - here’s our one-on-one with the man. And no, there were no flying cakes. Read on!

How has the journey been? Tell us about the best and the worst times so far...
I started off with Dim Mak which started in 1996 when I was in college. It all started in my college apartment. I started DJ’ing in 2003, where we started throwing small parties where I would mix records. In 2006, I evolved into become a real DJ and started mixing. I gained my influence from all the remixes of all the rock bands. That was my gateway. 2006 was a big year for Electro music. It has been a very personal experience for me growing as a producer and performer.
There are always problems that come up on the way like I hardly get any sleep when I am touring. Sometimes we do 2 gigs in one day. It gets quite stressful at times but I am happy.

You are known for the cake throwing, the champagne sprays and a lot more. Why add the theatrics to DJing?
I wanted to do a production that was bigger than just a regular DJ set, that’s when I incorporated the raft in 2009 and people loved it. I have kept the raft for the last 4 years. In 2011, I brought out the cake because I wanted to continue adding and evolving my act as a DJ. The cake just stayed and stuck on. People loved what I brought to the stage. I am always thinking of ways to do something different from the usual and evolving as a performer.

Any interest in Bollywood music?
Bollywood is so big and popular world over and we are constantly hearing about it. However, to be honest I haven’t heard any Indian music till now. I will change that on this trip! I really hope to catch the latest tracks of different artists. I would also love for someone to send me links of some tracks.

How has the party music scene changed from the time you started?
When I started as a DJ, mixing was not big. I used to mix tracks of rock bands. The party scene has dramatically changed since then. I think that EDM is growing everywhere and people have a greater knowledge about everything. I think I am going to have a great time at Dreamscape this year.

Why pick EDM over other strains?

I love the energy of EDM. I am somewhat addicted to the crowd’s responses. I love it when my fans have a great experience.

What can the Delhi audience expect?
I am bringing in a lot of new music to Dreamscape, India this year. The backbone to all this is the Steve Aoki music experience. I will be playing the Aoki music along with a mix of new music with the old. I want to create my sound as a carnival with all new features and remixes.

As a DJ is there any music you would NEVER listen to or make a part of your sets?
I would never think because each genre is different in its own way.

What next for Steve Aoki?

My next album Neon Future.

What do you predict as the next big trend in music?
I think EDM is going to reach the next level and we try out best to make that possible.
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