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Was on duty throughout Dec but still got less salary, suspended DU officer cries foul

Subha Kumar Dash, the administrative officer at St Stephen’s College who was suspended, has alleged that principal has deducted his salary and paid him less despite being on duty for the whole month.

In a letter written to the chairman of the governing body of the college, Dash said: “I was informed through a letter dated December 17, 2014, to be present in my office and for a meeting with the Governing Body of the college for clarification regarding the issue. I was on duty as directed by the principal but I was never called to submit any clarification.”

He further added: “However, on January 1, 2015, I was issued with suspension order along with the article of charges. I further submitted that I was on duty for the whole month of December, 2014. But my salary has been reduced for the same month and I have been paid a lesser amount.” Dash mentioned that due to the deduction of his salary, he has been facing difficulties to pay tuition fees of his children due by January 15, 2015.

The issue brewed up when Dash alleged that Valson Thampu, principal of Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College, forced him and his family to convert to Christianity. He was suspended by the principal on December 10, 2014, for “gross misconduct” after which Dash filed a petition in High Court against the suspension order. Following that, Thampu reinstated him but again suspended him after a meeting with the governing body in December, 2014.

However, Thampu said on Wednesday: “We came to know about Dash’s salary issue. It was a mistake by the account section and we will rectify it.” Another administrative officer added: “There is no protection by Delhi University for administrative officers. The suspension order should be sent to Vice-Chancellor and after investigation, the decision should be passed. But no such procedure is there and principal does as he wishes to.”
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