War of cyclonic movements holds back northern wind, delays Kolkata winter

First a cyclonic circulation, plus western disturbances in south India and now an anti-cyclonic circulation over the Bay of Bengal were playing villain to the onset of winter in Kolkata.

According to weather experts at the Alipore Meteorological Centre in the city, the anti-cyclonic circulation has resulted in Kolkata sky being covered with clouds. 

“This in turn is stopping the northern wind from entering the city. Northern wind is the main factor that brings down temperature in Kolkata and south Bengal,” they said.

Kolkata sky remained blanketed with scattered clouds throughout today and the day was hazy. The maximum temperature on Monday was recorded at 28.6 degree Celsius, two degrees above normal; the minimum temperature was 21.5 degree Celsius, up by six degrees than normal. The cloud cover is expected to gradually fade away over the next 72 hours. As a result mornings will be foggy but the day sky will be clear.

“The minimum temperature will drop by a few degrees over the next few days and will hover around 17-19 degree Celsius. Yet it will be above than what is normal at this time of the year. Hence, people in Kolkata shall have to be wait for at least five more days to experience the winter chill,” Alipore Met Centre said in its forecast today.

The maximum and minimum temperature tomorrow (Tuesday), will be 29 and 19 degree Celsius, respectively.


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