‘Want to meet AR Rahman’

‘Want to meet AR Rahman’
From Enrique to Lady Gaga, everyone’s coming to India to perform these days. What’s suddenly so hot about India?

India is a hot country, really hot must say, By the way, I am talking about the temperature here [laughs]. But yeah, on a serious note…India has always been welcoming. Indians have appreciated international music and surprisingly equally responded like our fans in our countries and this is what brings us here to perform. What else does an artiste crave for? Indians have a good taste for music.

What do you plan to perform for your fans in India? Any Indian elements?

When Blue Note Entertainment approached me with the concept, I was told how they want to blend my concert with the festival of lights and setting up the stage with mirrors, lights, crystals... I already get the feel of being in India. Not to forget that I’ll be getting along a fleet of exotic Jamaican women to set the stage on fire. The concert shall be full of surprises. I am here for my fans to showcase musical extravaganza, making them groove to all my favourite songs from my albums and my latest
Tomahawk Technique.

Metallica’s performance in Delhi had to be cancelled because of crowd behaviour. Are you taking any precaution?

I don’t really know about the Metallica concert being cancelled in Delhi. But it is a loss of the fans who pay for the concert of their favourite rock bands. When it is Metallica, I can imagine the crowd. For my concert, I completely trust my organisers. For all that I know now, things are hunky dory.

Tell us about Tomahawk Technique....

Tomahawk Technique
is what I am bringing to India on this tour. I did everything I could have done in Dancehall, not to brag, but yeah I was among the best. It was time I had to expand, expanding on style and sound. I worked with new artistes and producers, got them to make Dancehall from their perspective. I called the album
Tomahawk Technique
because it’s cutting edge. In the studio everyone would freak out saying that I was cutting through the tracks because the lyrics were so sharp. So yeah… This is Tomahawk Technique.

You have done soundtracks for movies before. Any plans to do the same in Bollywood?

Bollywood hasn’t really called me yet… but would not be any longer now. This shall be my maiden trip to India. When I’ll be there; I have too many things to be done. So I exactly have no clue if am meeting any Bollywood filmmakers, but I would love to.

Are you aware of Indian music scenario?

Yes, Bollywood music. I am an artiste and I appreciate music and keep myself updated. I may not understand Hindi much, but I am certainly aware of Indian music. I am amazed how every different state has beautiful folk compositions and the musical instruments used. I would someday want to go on a tour and learn about the folk music. For all that I know, Bollywood music is doing pretty well globally.

Any collaboration with Indian artistes?

Like I said, I love the entire concept about Indian folk music. Once I hit the Indian shores, I’ll have a clearer picture in my mind of how things work in India. I do know about AR Rahman. I did make it a point to listen to his music and if there is some collaboration that could happen, you never know. I would want to meet him.

How do you compose your music?

Look, I am up there with the best of them. So for now all that I am doing is expanding. I’ve started to produce, voice for other Dancehall producers and producers outside of the reggae game. I get them to make dancehall from their perspective. Music is my escape you know. I have this app on my iPad that allows me to make musical notes even when I am not in a studio. It is always there at the back of my mind. I am voicing people like Bounty Killer, Beenie Man Spragga Benz. I always keep up close with the radio people and disc jocks, sound systems... so I keep myself up-to-date. I make a point to keep working with the Jamaican peers.
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