Want everything to go well for Katrina: Tabu

Want everything to go well for Katrina: Tabu
Bollywood actor Tabu says she always wants everything to go well with Katrina Kaif as she is one of the most hardworking actors she has ever met.

Tabu, who will be seen working with Kaif in Fitoor, feels the effort the Phantom star puts in her performance is endearing.

“I am very fond of her. She is one of the best that people I’ve worked with. Though we have worked only for three days with each other, we had very few scenes together, but I have fond memories of those days,”said Tabu. They will be seen in director Abhishek Kapoor’s romantic-drama Fitoor based on Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.

The actor plays the role of Miss Havisham as Begum Hazrat in the film. Tabu says the character is still the same with an added emotional layer by Kapoor. 

“She has a very heavy aura around her. She is living in her own world. She has no sense of time, stuck in a time warp, that’s why you see her dressed like that. Almost in a costume, in a house which exists somewhere in the no man’s land, cut away from the world. She does not want to interact with anybody.”

“The entire experience was so short. Because I wasn’t there from the start, I came at the end. It didn’t feel difficult or heavy. I’ve known Abhishek for a long time. I don’t know how it would’ve turned out if we didn’t know each other.” 

Tabu replaced veteran actor Rekha who was initially playing the role. The Haider actor said she did not have much time to prepare for the role.

“We were fighting, discussing, I was colouring my hair with the right shade of red, trying costume. We had to do everything in two days and be ready.” Fitoor is scheduled to release on February 12.


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