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Wall of Kindness: Helping without boasting

It is 11 pm and a cold night when some people curiously gather and stare at a wall. Some more join in to see what exactly are they looking at. 

In a small lane of Okhla Vihar area of Jamia Nagar, two hangers on the wall with old clothes on it catches the attention of passers-by. The wall reads “Wall of Kindness”.

The “Wall of Kindness” has old clothes like shirts, trousers, jeans, T-shirts and warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, woolen blazers hung over it. All this is for the poor and needy. These are all donations from the local families who have an extra dress or an extra pair of socks. Quietly local residents hang it on the wall and disappear in the darkness. The poor people quietly come to this place, take down some clothes, try them if they fit and vanish with what they need.

“Nobody knows who started it. We found the hangers and khuti just a few days back. It is a great idea. I have seen people coming to the ‘Wall of kindness’ and trying clothes as we do in the showrooms. They were quite happy about it. Now, they are getting alms without spreading their hands for the same,” said a local resident Hussain.

The lane just adjacent to Babul-ILm mosque catches the attention of both men and women. The wall is the new talk in the locality. In this phase of winter and demonetisation, this work of charity is seen as a blessing for the poor.

“I am planning to donate some clothes of my children. They are almost new but my sons don’t wear them now. It would help someone in need. I am also going to donate some clothes for women,” says Nasreen, who has her house at a walking distance from the ‘Wall of Kindness’.

Another resident Anees Fatima, searching through her old clothes, said: “My son told me about this wall. I was wondering whom to give clothes that we don’t need now. Asking someone to accept alms might humiliate him, so being an anonymous donor is a good option.”

The concept of ‘Wall of Kindness’ was started in Iran by an anonymous Iranian. Soon it became popular. This work of charity could be seen in various countries these days. 
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