Walking towards light

Walking towards light
Nothing better on a Saturday morning than go for a walk. We decided to go for one that was truly 'enlightening'.

We went for a walk at the National Gallery of Modern Art, through the exhibition Passage Through Light by Rebecca Horn, recognised as one of the most versatile and creative artists in Germany. This is an exhibition of art installations and features her installations, poems, photographs, and films.

Cordinated by Shivani Darbari, it showcased of some of Horn's early work from 70's including
(unicorn), one of her best known performance piece and Cockfeather along with quite recent ones like Crickets Song, Magic Rock that is inspired by the book on India by Octavio Paz. Jungle of Light is a work of mirrors, light, potted bamboo plants, metal skulls and bundles of saris.

There was a rendition of flute and overtones by Hayden Chisholm which is inspired by an encounter with spiritual guru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in Europe that invoked her 'strange energies'.

The exhibition also featured documentations of her performances with her sculptures. Some of her movies like Buster's Bedroom (1991) and Cutting Through The Past (1995) were also screened. 
Parul Singh

Parul Singh

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