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WADA says hackers may have doctored leaked data

 Agencies |  2016-10-07 22:39:23.0  |  Hong Kong

Computer hackers who leaked the medical records of more than 100 top athletes in a bid to reveal questionable drug exemptions may have tampered with the data, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The cyber espionage group ‘Fancy Bears’, which is believed to be Russian, broke into WADA’s database to expose athletes it said violate the principles of fair play by taking doping substances.

But WADA hinted on Wednesday that Fancy Bears may have manipulated the athlete’s records.

“In the course of its investigation, WADA has determined that not all data released... accurately reflects” its own data, the agency said in a statement posted on its website.It added that the hackers had taken a “cheap shot” at sporting stars who haven’t broken any anti-doping rules.

“The criminal activity undertaken by the cyber espionage group, which seeks to undermine the TUE program and the work of WADA and its partners in the protection of clean sport, is a cheap shot at innocent athletes whose personal data has been exposed.”

The targeted athletes have been granted ‘therapeutic use exemptions’ -effectively a doctor’s note enabling athletes to take medication that would normally be banned. 



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