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Vote for Kejriwal... Not!

I voted for him during the Delhi elections, but I had also mentioned then that for the general elections, one must vote for Modi. At that point of time, I had believed that Arvind Kejriwal was not (yet) mature enough to be considered for central leadership. Now, I am convinced he is not even mature enough for the next Delhi assembly elections. Here are a dozen reasons why you should not vote for Arvind Kejriwal:

Reason #1: Anna Hazare says in his latest interview to TSI that ‘obsession to become prime minister has gone into Arvind Kejriwal’s head’. That’s exactly why we should not vote for Arvind Kejriwal. Having the aim to become the PM is nothing wrong. But being infatuated and risibly obsessed with becoming the prime minister, is not what India needs. Arvind could not even stay away from his esurient greed to become the CM of Delhi and took aquisitive support from the same Congress party, against which his entire election campaign had been mobilised. Similar and as shocking is his intemperate support for Khap panchayats.

Reason #2: We do not want a leader who does nothing himself, but spuriously doles away the precious and little savings of the previous government in ridiculously thoughtless, populist and vote-bank oriented subsidies to the middle class and rich, who can in any case afford to pay their bills, including those of water and electricity.

Reason #3: We do not want Gandhi-topi wearing vandal MLAs implementing a midnight vigilante justice mechanism to replace our already poor policing system. Imagine a PM who grandiosely claims, ‘I am an anarchist, so let my MLAs and MPs do such acts too’. We want the dignity of the Gandhi cap to remain sacrosanct.

Reason #4: We do not want crony capitalism to be replaced by crony journalism, where people like Manish Sisodia, Shazia Ilmi, Ashutosh, Jarnail Singh and others are carefully selected and given tickets due to their connections in different media houses; and those like Punya Prasun, who have not yet been given tickets, kept for their benefit in media houses, to be colluded with and used slyly when required.

Reason #5: Akin to the Maoist Little Red Book, we do not want fatuously illogical books like Swaraj by Arvind Kejrial to be the book guiding our already challenged democracy. His utterly uninitiated and intellectually handicapped suggestions, for example of making ‘mohalla committees’ decide everything across the country, are prescriptions for chaos, and would result in CPM-type local goondaism and anarchy all across the country.

Reason #6: We are tired of hearing one slogan-mongering answer to all questions: ‘We are doing this for the aam aadmi’. It seems the leaders of AAP have negligible intellect, have no vision and hide behind one answer to hide all their illiteracy.

Reason #7: We are tired of hearing that everyone is corrupt and a thug; we already have a fair idea of who is corrupt. We need solutions and we need changes, not random, sweeping, unsubstantiated statements and unending blame games. What matters are development indexes and the changes in those indexes. Our leader has to talk about how he can make better changes in our current development indexes through concrete policies, not captious rhetoric and banal outbursts.

Reason #8: We do not want our prime minister or chief minister of the nation’s capital swearing on his children – like a husband does to his wife, when caught cheating on her – that too in public in a puerile manner, and soon after that going back on that very sworn statement.

Reason #9: We do not want an unscrupulous leader who doesn’t have any respect of law and breaks the law with knavish impunity, whether by exhorting people to not pay toll taxes or asking them to tear up their bills. I am still amazed about how there has been no action against him for the facetious drama he did on Delhi streets before Republic Day. Would the government have spared me for doing the same? Then why should be there different rules for him?

Reason #10: We do not want dubious mass surveys to be hawked as reasons for taking U-turns on anything and everything for convenience. It’s a cheap, laughable gimmick that whenever I want to do something that people might question, I’ll peddle speciously fishy, closed-door results of a so-called mass survey to justify my actions.

Reason #11: We do not want the government at the Center to have the life of a poor quality local jhadoo (the broom-his party symbol), which is invariably less than two months.

Reason #12: And finally, we most certainly do not want our prime minister to sit on a dharna outside his own office or the Rashtrapati Bhavan, against his own government, demanding the passing of certain bills. We have seen this wacky joke playing out with Kejriwal as CM. Still, one could take heart that mostly, only the nation was witness to it. Imagine the international community seeing such absurdly batty dramas unfolding at a national level. Please, spare us the unique opportunity.

The author is a management guru and director of IIPM Think Tank
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