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Vishesh challenged our content: Mahesh

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt reveals that his nephew Vishesh, who is making his debut as a director with Murder 3, pointed out to them that the movies being made under the Vishesh Films banner have started lacking in quality content.

Murder 3 is a product with which we have re-invented the Murder franchise. The Murder franchise has become the most popular franchise for us. It has generated a lot of revenue for us. It has seen us through for almost a decade. But it is Vishesh Bhatt, the young nephew of mine, Mukesh Bhatt’s son who had the courage to challenge our entrenched ideas,’ Mahesh Bhatt told reporters Monday at an event to celebrate the success of
Murder 3

‘He said that while we have undoubtedly risen from strength to strength, and our box-office collections have touched dizzying heights, there was a deterioration in the content, the emotional sub-text of our films has withered and with that he made us look at a painful truth. And he said that having said this now, let me take charge and correct it,’ he added. The senior Bhatt is in complete awe of Vishesh.

‘Vishesh has inhaled this film, made it a part of his entire being and he has metabolised it and given a product which has made me wake up to an awesome talent this kid has,’ Bhatt said.
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