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Vijay Malhotra blames Dikshit for power, water shortage in city

Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly , on Monday expressed his deep concern over the unprecedented water and power shortage problems being faced by the people in the capital and squarely held Sheila Dikshit led-government responsible for the same.

Malhotra said that the Chief Minister has been making false promises to the people. She has been spending millions of rupees on misleading advertisements but has not been able to solve the basic problems of the common people .
He said that just two months back, she had assured people that there will be no power or water crisis during the summer, but this has turned out to be a false assurance as the capital is facing huge shortage of power and water which has not been seen in recent times.

Dikshit’s reported anger and warning to the 
companies is only a drama which people of the capital are fully aware of.
While privatising the water and power departments, it was claimed that the people will get uninterrupted supply of power and water, but all this has turned out to be false, because private companies despite  earning millions in profit, are unable to provide uninterrupted supply.
He said that if the involved private 
companies are unable to solve the problem, they should be debarred immediately.
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