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Video gaga from today

Video gaga  from today
Paintings and sculptures are everywhere these days. How about art captured in video? Well, that's what you get to watch at Video Wednesday II, a three-day festival that will bring together artistes capturing the different techniques of vidoegraphy.

Curated by Gayatri Sinha, this festival will compile 35 videos by emerging practitioners of video art. 'Our intention is to give video an absolute primacy, to trace and share its different creative strains in India,' said the curator.

Some of the participating artists are Vivan Sundaram, Vishal K. Dar, Archana  Hande, Jitish Kallat, Sonia Khurana, Sheba Chhachhi, BM Kamath, Sarnath Banerjee and Atul Bhalla. 'The video art will be a collection of free clips and pictures which are available freely in the internet for downloading. These fragments are then put together to make sense into the narrative to form an idea of history, and the way we look at Internet for information,' said Dar.

'It creates an impact on how we look at information and the stream of clips that impacts the video. For example, the paintings of Venus, the imagination and recreation of the landing on moon and how it films a distant idea of history is to watch out for,' he adds.

Atul Bhalla, whose video Alaap to the river will be displayed, said: 'My work is on the alaap, which forms the beginning of classical music. The video has images of a river in the city and the alaap goes on while it never reaches the
said Bhalla.

'I work a lot on waterbodies, and I have shown here how Yamuna although completes the city, never flows completely into the city,' he adds.

Video Wednesday II uses diverse techniques including animation, documentary and performative video, bringing in humour, surrealism, critique and autobiography conveying a series of distinct strategies and styles.

Archana Hande's Of Panorama, a 10-minute single channel video, is based on animated silent film. Neha Choksi's Minds to Lose, Sarnath Banerjee's Boabdil, Vishal K Dar's Fire Walk with Me are some of the videos that will be shown at the festival. Check them out.


At: Gallery Espace, 16 New Friends Colony
When: 21 to 23 November
Timings: 3pm to 9pm
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Lina Pegu

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