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Victoria finds it difficult to see Brooklyn dating: David

Victoria finds it difficult  to see Brooklyn dating: David
Fashion icon Victoria Beckham is having a hard time seeing her eldest son Brooklyn as he starts dating, according to her husband David.

The couple's 16-year-old rang in the New Year with French model Sonia Ben Ammar, also 16, and earlier this month he posted a sweet photo of them engaging in a sweet embrace on a beach on Instagram.

He has also been romantically attached to actress Chloe Grace Moretz, who he met up with earlier this week while she was in London promoting her new film The 5th Wave.

"I think it's easier for me than Brooklyn's mum, you know? To see her little boy go out and date..," he said during a chat.

He can empathise with his wife, because he can't stand the thought of the couple's youngest kid, daughter Harper, dating when she's older.

"Obviously for mums I think it's slightly more difficult with the boys but obviously once Harper starts (dating)... I don't even want to think about that at the moment," he joked.


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