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‘Victim’s friend bitter as he’s denied limelight’

‘Victim’s friend bitter as he’s denied limelight’
The victim’s friend who had recently given an interview to a news channel is lying because he was sidelined and did not get any compensation, said one of the three eyewitnesses who noticed them lying near Mahipalpur flyover in south Delhi on 16 December. These eyewitnesses were employed by Delhi Gurgaon Super Connectivity Limited to patrol the roads.

He had alleged that he was nude even after reaching Safdarjung hospital, however in the first information report (FIR) lodged at Vasant Vihar police station, in possession with Millennium Post read that the duo were covered with white bedsheets separately.

‘The FIR was written by victim’s friend and that could not be wrong. It was not written under pressure. But his allegations after the chargesheet was filed seemed to be fabricated,’ said an investigating officer requesting anonymity.

Jeet, the first person to notice the duo told Millennium Post, ‘When I saw them, I immediately covered the girl with my own sweater and later, when two of my colleagues, Raju and Surender, came to help them, Surender has organised for a bedsheet from the nearby Hotel-37. I tore the sheet and covered the girl and the lower part of the friend. As he was conscious and was feeling cold, Raju had given his jacket to him.’

Apparently, when Jeet offered to go to the nearby hospital in his Bolero, the victim’s friend denied the offer, preferring to go in the PCR van. ‘If he knew that they needed immediate medical aide, why did he not opt to go by my Bolero? Even if he was scared after the incident in the bus, he should have asked for the ambulance as I have introduced myself as the patrolling guy of the highway and was travelling in the official vehicle,’ Jeet added.

According to Jeet, the friend did not bother to help the girl after the PCR van came. ‘He left the girl lying on the ground and sat inside the van first. There was no space left for the girl in the PCR van and so we had asked him to get out. Only then did he get off the van,’ he said.

‘Humanity is still alive in Delhi.  I had informed about the incident and called the patrolling control room to immediately send a PCR van.’

The FIR in possession with Millennium Post confirms the version of the three and brings out the loopholes in victim friend’s statements in the interview.

As per the FIR, the duo boarded the white-line chartered bus at 9 pm on 16 December. ‘According to Jeet, he saw the duo at about 10.05 pm and informed the patrolling control room via walky talky at 10.10 pm,’ said J K Sharma, DGM at Delhi Gurgaon Super Connectivity Limited (DGSCL).

On Saturday, Vivek Gogia, Joint commissioner of police (Southern range) said, ‘the incident was reported to PCR operator at 10.21 pm through a phone call received on 100. Two PCR vans reached the spot at 10.27 pm and 10.29  pm, respectively. The victims were taken into the PCR van, which left the spot at 10.39  pm for Safdarjung hospital, the nearest multi-disciplinary government hospital where medico legal cases are referred to. The van reached Safdarjung hospital at 10.55 pm and subsequently the victims were handed over to the hospital staff.’

‘According to the victim friend’s allegations, the white line bus was spotted going about the area for two and a half hours after they were dumped near Mahipalpur flyover. But the duo had been lying there for about 25 minutes only.  So the timeline narrated by him on the TV channel was wrong,’ a senior police official said.

Friend’s claim that he himself had lifted the girl and put her inside the PCR van is medically impossible, said a doctor. ‘He had fractured leg and injured hand. It is not possible that he could lift any heavy object and walk,’ said a doctor at Safdarjung hospital, requesting anonymity.

Meanwhile, S N Makawana, PRO of Safdarjung hospital said, ‘Allegations made by the victim’s friend that he was not taken care were not true. The doctors treat the patients equally and only after he/she is medically fit the person gets discharged. He was taken good care of after he was admitted.’


Execution of rapists in full public glare, abolition of co-education and ‘sober and dignified’ dress for girls are among the 11 suggestions made by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind to Justice J S Verma Committee on ensuring safety and security to women. In a statement, JIH said it welcomed the government decision to set up committees to review the present anti-rape law and find out measures to make the society safe for the women against the backdrop of the gang-rape of a 23-year-old girl in Delhi. It expressed hope the committees will reach the root of the ‘disease’ and find out the cure. The organisation gave 11 suggestions to the three-member panel, which has been asked by the government to submit its report in a month. ‘There should be provision for capital punishment for heinous crimes such as rape.
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